Quadriplegic's Nightly Routine

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Christopher Soleto
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Whitney Bailey

A person with a disability’s nightly routine can be more complex than just simply jumping into bed. Christopher Soleto shares a video of his nightly routine as a C6 quadriplegic.

The video begins as Christopher sits in his wheelchair and begins to take off his socks. He hooks one arm under his knee and brings his leg up to his chest, placing his foot on the edge of his wheelchair cushion. Holding his leg in place with his arm under his knee, Christopher uses his other and to pull the sock down and off his foot. He repeats the process for the other foot.

Christopher then leans forward in his chair to pull his shirt up. He then gathers the shirt to slip over his head by slipping one hand under his shirt and taking his elbow out first. Christopher s then able to slip the shirt over his head.

Christopher then rolls over to his bed and positions his covers so he can get in bed. He places a pillow at the end of the bed o put his feet on.

At 1:40 in the video, Christopher begins his transfer into his bed. He begins by scooting forward in his chair. Christopher uses a slide board for transferring. So, to position the board, Christopher hooks his arm under his knee and brings his leg up to his chest where his foot is on the edge of his wheelchair cushion. He then uses his other hand to put the board under his thigh. With the slide board positioned correctly, Christopher puts one hand on his bed with the other hand on his wheelchair and slides his body over to the bed.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Christopher moves the slide board out from under his thigh and places it in his wheelchair. He then leans to his side and back in bed with his arms hooked under his knees to bring his legs onto the bed with him as he falls backward. Still holding on to his legs, Christopher rolls from side to side alternating his arms holding his legs so he can hook his hands into the sides of his pants to pull them off.  

Ready to lay down, Chris hooks his arms under his legs once more to straighten them out, and then pulls the covers over himself and he is ready to sleep!

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