Quadriplegic Uses Spoon and Fork

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Meg Johnson
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Meg is a C6/7 quadriplegic with no finger function, and she demonstrates how she eats a variety of food using a spoon and fork.

For soft foods, Meg uses a spoon by placing it between her index and middle finger on her left hand. That way she can scoop up things like whole pieces of fruit and whipped toppings.

For soft food that requires a fork, like quiche, using the same grip, Meg puts her fork into the food. “I can grab a little bit with my left hand,” she explains, “so I can put a little bit of pressure on it.”

If what she’s eating is a bit harder in texture and won’t cooperate with just her left hand, she uses her other hand to tap the fork into her food.

Those are Meg’s techniques for eating with a spoon and fork. What are yours? Share them with us for a chance to be featured on AbleThrive!

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