Quadriplegic Uses Automatic Can Opener

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Meg demonstrates how she uses an electric can opener to open a can of beans. Meg is a quadriplegic with no finger movement, and while she is able to open a can using a manual opener, the electric one is easier for her to handle.

“I’ve learned that an electric can opener really enhances my life and makes opening cans just so much easier.”

First, she wheels up to the counter. Then she balances the unopened can on the palm of her right hand. Next she leans into the counter and uses her left arm to brace herself since she has no trunk control. She then puts the can under the opener, and pushes the lever. At this point she lets go of the can so it can spin and open automatically.

After the can is open, she flips the lever up by gently hitting it with her wrist so she can remove the can.  Then she carefully puts the can onto a board she’s placed on her lap. And with even more care, she gently removes the sharp lid.


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