Quadriplegic Opens Small Box with Hands and Teeth

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Meg Johnson
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Kristen Sachs

Meg demonstrates how to open a small pudding box. Meg is a quadriplegic with limited finger dexterity. By using her fingers, her wrist movements, and her teeth, she's able to open the small box herself.

"It's a pretty safe bet that anything I touch, enters my mouth at some point so that I can open it."

First she loosens the perforated tear on the side of the box with her teeth, utilizing the back teeth for the most support and rips it off, opening the side of the box.

Then she uses her fingers to split the rest of the box open the remainder of the way.  Resting the box up against her chest, she cups and squeezes the box into her hands to ready the contents for easy opening. It makes reaching inside easier.

Meg shakes out the contents of the box revealing the next task, opening the small baggy of pudding mix. She shimmies the powdered mix away from the part she intends to tear open with her teeth, so that it doesn't spill out everywhere. Next, she carefully rips open the pouch horizontally with her teeth. 

Mission complete! 

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