Quadriplegic Opens Large Box

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Meg Johnson
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Meg Johnson, a quadriplegic with limited hand function, demonstrates how she opens a large to medium size cardboard box, like baking soda. She states that opening a box like this is a challenge for someone who does not have any strength in her fingers, but you got to do what ya got to do!

Meg holding a box of baking soda

A baking soda box has perforated edges. Meg says, “You just got to squeeze your fingers in there.” She holds the box close to her chest with one arm as she squeezes her fingers into the corner of the box and pulls. The box comes open on the first try, and Meg jokes that maybe she’s gained strength because she does not usually open a box on the first try. Maybe she’s had a lot of practice!

Meg usually gets a pair of scissors if she has trouble opening the box. She puts the box on her lap with the perforated side facing up. She then would stick the scissors in the opening and hit the top of the scissors with her palm to loosen the opening. The process would then make it easier for her to reach her fingers in the opening of the box to pull it apart.

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