Quadriplegic Man Runs For Senate

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Derrick was a senior in high school when he was hit during a football game and paralyzed from the neck down. “I had to overcome extremely difficult times to graduate on time with my class,” shares Derrick. And it seems that was just the beginning of his hard work.

Derrick went on to receive a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in accounting from Tulane University. After that, he completed a law degree. And now, Derrick has his sights set on becoming a senator for his home state of Louisiana. He is running for the US Senate in 2016, and he’s the first quadriplegic in Louisiana to run for this office. Derrick is working on the core issues of healthcare reform and improving the lives of people with disabilities.

“We need to improve on reforming healthcare. We need to improve the quality of lives of individuals with disabilities and our disabled vets.  And I want to use the successes that I’ve achieved in getting results to serve the people of the state [of Louisiana].”

One of Derrick’s biggest supporters is his mother. “I feel like everyone should be treated the same,” she says. “I believe that life should be available for all who want to turn around and do the right thing.” Derrick’s mother has always encouraged her son to follow his dreams, and has helped guide him in the right direction. Her involvement in Derrick’s life has helped shape who he is today.

“You can have the things you want in life and make a difference in this world, and that’s why I’m here because of my family and friends and supporters.”

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