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Steph Aiello is a beauty blogger who says that her passion for makeup helped her feel like herself again after she was in a car accident that left her a quadriplegic with limited hand function. She says that the process of applying make up was therapeutic for her both physically and emotionally.

“'I feel like emotionally, (make up) made me revisit the person I was before my accident, with a passion of trying to beautify things.”

quadriplegic makeup artist

Steph gives credit to her occupational therapist for encouraging her to get back to her love of make up. During  therapy sessions, they came up with different techniques of how Steph could apply her makeup to compensate for limited hand function. For example, Steph learned how to open containers with her mouth. She also began holding makeup brushes between the palms of her hands.

“'It was therapeutic for me because I didn't have much wrist function and finger function, so I had to use the muscles that I did have after my injuries.”

Steph is now a licensed cosmetologist. Most would say Steph has perfected her new techniques as she now shows off her skills in makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel. Each one of her videos having over 9,000 views.

quadriplegic woman smiles and looks down at her dog

Steph has proven to herself and others that confidence is a great and powerful attribute of a person. “I have learned that you have to fake it to make it, that it’s so important to fake your confidence until you feel comfortable enough to say, "I do love who I am," ' she said. That was my biggest struggle - I didn’t have any confidence. But when I got confidence I thought, "OK, I can do this." Just because you see yourself one way in the mirror doesn't mean others see you the same way.”

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