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Whitney Bailey

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, as it provides you with fuel to take on the day! Paul, a C6-C7 quadriplegic, shows step by step how he independently makes an omelette.

“A lot of times when you’re a quadriplegic, it’s hard to find things you can make on your own.”

However, Paul proves it can be done. He provides these step by step instructions on how to make an omelette.

Paul uses his kitchen table as his preparation station. All of the ingredients, utensils and bowls he will use for his dish, sit on the table before him so that they are within easy access. The first step Paul says to take is to make sure the bowl being used is safe to put in the microwave. He then begins to open prepackaged egg whites.

Paul uses his teeth to open the carton by holding the carton up to his mouth, grabbing the cap with his teeth, while moving his head back and forth to open the egg whites. When the carton is open, Paul then uses both hands to tilt the carton over the bowl, pouring the egg whites into the bowl. Then he suggesst mixing in any additional items to the bowl. After adding the desired ingredients, Paul carries the bowl to the microwave. He does this by setting the bowl on a board that is positioned on his lap.

Paul uses the handle on his bowl to easily maneuver the dish into the microwave. He then sets the timer for 3:00 minutes using his pinky finger. After the time is up, he takes the dish out and stirs the ingredients and then puts it back in the microwave to cook for additional 3:00 minutes. He states that the cooking time can vary.

Paul highly recommends this omelette recipe as it is healthy and easy to make!

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