Quadriplegic Independently Puts On Pressure Stockings

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Jonathan, a C6 quadriplegic, demonstrates how he independently puts on pressure stockings.

Jonathan sits on the edge of the bed with his left leg folded to where his foot is positioned on the bed while his right leg hangs off the bed.

First, Jonathan puts the stocking on his arm. He uses his teeth and thumb on his right hand to open the stocking, sticking his left hand into the opening and pulling the stocking up his arm with his teeth.

Jonathan states it is important to have the heel of the stocking on the side of your palm. Next, Jonathan uses his thumb on his right hand to turn the stocking inside out. He pulls the sock down his arm using his mouth when necessary. Jonathan keeps the inside out stocking on his hand making sure that it is tightly secured with no wrinkles.

Jonathan begins to put the stocking on his foot. “It’s a little tricky because you have to get the pinky toe in there which might slip out easily,” he says. To prepare to get his foot in the stocking, Jonathan flips the inside out stocking over once more by gripping it with his right thumb and using his mouth to pull it over. Now, his right thumb is sort of buried in the stocking. With his foot over his leg, Jonathan puts his hand over his foot, putting his big toe where his wrist is allowing him to get his toes in the stocking. He then uses his other thumb to get the stocking over his pinky toe.

Jonathan can then take his hand out of the stocking because the stocking is securely on top of his foot. From then on, Jonathan uses his wrist extension to pinch his thumb against his hand and pull down to get the stocking over his heel. Before he begins to pull the stocking over his heel, Jonathan uses his wrist to ensure the stocking is tight over his toes. He hooks his thumb into his stocking to begin pulling it over his heel and up his leg.

Jonathan has to go back down his leg and fix some of the wrinkles in his stockings. He reminds his viewers that because the stockings are so tight they can cause pressure sores.

Jonathan ends his video with the following advice:

  • Make sure pressure stockings are the appropriate size for your body. (If they are too tight they can cause high blood pressure.)
  • Avoid wrinkles which can result in pressure sores.
  • Consult a doctor before wearing pressure stockings.

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