Quadriplegic-Friendly Cooking Appliances

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Robyn has great tips on cutting vegetables without finger mobility, and now she has more tips for cooking. She doesn’t rely on specialized quadriplegic cooking appliances for all of her needs.

Finding cooking appliances that work with your abilities

“I like to use lightweight pots and pans,” Robyn shares. The ones she uses have gripper handles that make it easier for her to get pots and pans off the stove or out of the oven. When she wants to transfer pots and pans from the table to the stove, she uses a lap desk and non-stick padding and/or hot pads depends on what she has to transfer. Don’t miss her preferred bag holder and measuring cup that maximizes her independence in the kitchen.

There’s a lot to consider to make sure you’re being safe, but there’s no reason that not being able to move your fingers means that you can’t be your own chef.  As Robyn says, “Now get cooking!” Bon apetit!

What are your favorite quadriplegic cooking appliances or other products you’ve adapted for your use? Share them with us

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