Quadriplegic Folds Washrag

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Meg Johnson
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Whitney Bailey

Meg Johnson, a quadriplegic with limited hand function, says that being able to do her laundry by herself was an amazing accomplishment to learn when she came home from rehab. Being able to perform such a simple task gave her purpose.

“Little by little I learned how to do all the chores that are required around the house. (Accomplishing these chores) make me feel like I’m amazing, like I can do it, and not because it’s so hard I can do it but because I can do it and I feel normal.”

Meg demonstrates how she performs a normal household chore such as folding a wash rag.

Meg lays the wash rag across her lap. She then takes the two corners, holding one side of the fabric between her two fingers and the other side between her thumb and finger. Meg then folds over the wash rag and then grabs the fabric with both hands and folds it over one last time.

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