Quadriplegic At a Drive-Thru

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When Shawn's friends recently asked him how he goes through a drive-thru, he decided to make a video to show them! Shawn is a C5-6 quadriplegic with no finger movement, so while pulling up to a drive-thru window, handling money, and gathering food might be tricky, it's far from impossible.

At 0:33, Shawn gets settled into his vehicle, buckles up, and drives to a fast-food restaurant. Then he places his order, and drives forward to pay.

"What I normally do is pull some of my money out before," says Shawn. "That way it's easy and accessible." It's always a good idea to plan ahead!

At 2:57, Shawn pinches the cash in his thumb grip, and hands it to the cashier. A few seconds later, Shawn grabs the change (bills) between his two hands, then he holds out his left upturned hand and asks the cashier to drop the coins into his palm.

At 3:45, Shawn pulls forward to the second window to receive his food. He starts by putting his car in park. Then he reaches out and grabs his drink with both hands. Then using a tenodesis grip, Shawn places the drink in his vehicle's drink holder. He then reaches out again with both hands, and pulls his bag of food inside the vehicle.

Now it's time to enjoy his food!

Watch Shawn's video to see how he makes easy work of a drive-thru.

Be sure to share this video with someone who might need to make a quick food stop while on the road.

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