Quadriplegic Demonstrates How She Transfers Into Driver's Seat

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Rachelle Chapman
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There are many different ways a person can learn to transfer into the driver’s seat of their vehicle. It depends on a number of factors including what type of vehicle you have and/or the modifications made to a vehicle.

Rachelle Chapman, a quadriplegic, demonstrates how she transfers into her driver’s seat of her wheelchair accessible MXV Ford Explorer.

There are buttons on the side of the driver’s seat so Rachelle can move the seat closer to her for an easier transfer. With the buttons Rachelle is able to move the seat front and backward, side to side, and up and down.

Once the seat and her wheelchair are positioned correctly, Rachelle uses a slide board to transfer from her wheelchair to the seat. She sticks one end of the board under her thigh with the other end on the seat. She then wraps her wrist around the headrest of the passenger seat to pull herself onto the board. On the board, Rachelle continues to push off the front seat and her wheelchair to slide herself across the board and into the driver’s seat.

In the driver’s seat, Rachelle holds on to the back of the chair so she does not fall over while she reaches down for the buttons beside the seat. She then moves the seat forward and turns to face the steering wheel, elevating the seat to accommodate her legs.

Transferring is a process and everyone does it differently. How do you transfer into your vehicle? Share your story with us at AbleThrive.com!

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