Quadriplegic Demonstrates How She Drives

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There’s nothing like having the freedom to hit the open road whenever you please. Rachelle Chapman, a quadriplegic with limited hand function, shares the adaptations made to her driving system and demonstrates how she drives.

Steering Wheel And Hand Controls

Rachelle has a handle/grip to her steering wheel making it so she controls the wheel. It is a grip with three bars. She places her hand between two of the bars and the third bar rests between her thumb and fingers.

The steering wheel also has a weight attached to it that assists Rachelle in physically turning the wheel.  

Rachelle has hand controls for her gas and brake system. Rachelle pushes down for gas and forwards for the brake.

“Basically this little hand control goes down to the pedals and it’s like touching them so that's what makes it work."

Rachelle’s controls like her turning signal and windshield wipers all have extensions on them making it easier for her to access.


At 1:13 in the video, Rachelle shows how she puts on her chest strap and seat belt. Rachelle’s van dealer attached a knob to her seat belt making it easier for her to secure it.

Go to 2:45 in the video to see Rachelle demonstrate how she drives as she takes her viewers on a little drive with her.

What adaptations do you use while driving? Share your story with us at AbleThrive.com!

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