Quadriplegic Demonstrates How He Pulls Up Zipper On Shorts

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Shawn Fluke, a C5/C6 quadriplegic, shares videos on his YouTube channel (Live To Roll) showing how he accomplishes specific independent living tasks.

Shawn demonstrates how he is able to zip up his shorts using an adaptive tool. He uses this tool when shorts/pants do not have a pull or ring on the zipper.

The tool has two ends. One end has a hook that is made for a zipper, and the other end is made to fit around a button to pull it through and fasten it. Shawn uses the hook end to grab on to the zipper.

Shawn states that with some pants/shorts the zipper opening is too small for the hook to grab on to. Therefore, you want to try to get down as close to the bottom of the metal as possible. Once Shawn has the tool hooked to the zipper, he uses his thumb on one hand, to hold down the shorts while pulling the tool up with the other hand. This positioning helps the zipper move up the shorts. With his shorts zipped, Shawn then puts his thumbs in his belt loops to help bring the closure together and buttons his shorts.

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