Quadriplegic Demonstrates How He Does Laundry

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Jerod and Hanna share a glimpse of their everyday lives on their YouTube channel, Positively Paralyzed. Jerod is a C5 quadriplegic. The couple shares videos about their lives focused on how they tackle day to day activities, and how they enjoy spending time together as a family with their dog Belle.

Jerod shares videos on how he helps out around the house. In the video above, Jerod demonstrates how he does laundry independently. The first step Jerod shows is how he empties the dryer.

“It takes me a while, and it’s not pretty. But, I make it work.”

Taking Clothes Out Of Dryer 

To open the dryer, Jerod maneuvers his wheelchair close to the dryer. He then has an unconventional way of prying the dryer door open by using a fork. Jerod sticks the prongs of the fork into the seal of the dryer and pushes out, which opens the door. Opening the dryer door all the way, Jerod gets the laundry basket and places it at an angle where it’s easy for him to get the clothes out from the dryer. The dryer and the laundry basket are at the same height, so it’s easier for Jerod to move the clothes into the basket. 

Jerod’s wheelchair is parked at an angle where he can recline his chair back and reach into the dryer by leaning to his side. Jump to 2:50 in the video to see Jerod take towels out of the dryer. 

Switching Clothes From The Washer To Dryer

At around 3:50 in the video, Jerod demonstrates how he moves clothes from the washer to the dryer. To open the washer, he uses the fork trick again. When the washer door is open enough Jerod catches it with his elbow to open it all the way. Jerod elevates his wheelchair making it easier to see and reach the clothes inside the washer. He then begins picking the clothes out of the washer and placing the items that need to be hanged in his lap, and he tosses the others in the dryer. When all the clothes are in the dryer, Jerod places a dryer sheet in with the clothes, closes the door, and turns the dryer on.

Starting The Dryer 

To start the dryer, Jerod moves his wheelchair where he is facing the opposite direction, so he can easily reach the knob on the dryer. He uses his palm to grip the knob and twists to turn the dryer on. 

Folding Clothes 

At 11:20 in the video, Jerod demonstrates how he folds laundry. He has the laundry basket sitting on the table in front of him and he tips the basket over to get access to the clothes. Jerod elevates his chair and brings the clothes (towels) to his lap and folds them to the best of his ability.

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