Quadriplegic Demonstrates How He Brushes His Teeth

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John, a C5/6 quadriplegic, shares videos on his YouTube channel (Go Health Yourself) to help people in similar situations such as his to “exceed and excel” in life. He has started a video segment called Quadriplegic Tips and Tricks where he demonstrates how he does certain independent living tasks.

In the video above, John demonstrates how he brushes his teeth independently using an electric toothbrush. He states it has taken him years to learn how to perfect the art of brushing his teeth. At around 1:37 in the video, John begins the process of brushing his teeth.

John brushes his teeth in his bed because his sink isn’t quite accessible for him. John sits up in bed and drapes a disposable pad over his lap. John uses plastic flossers to floss his teeth. To floss, John puts the plastic flosser between his hands. He sticks the flosser in his mouth and uses his tongue to get it in the right position. He then moves the flosser with his hands to get the floss between his teeth.

After flossing his teeth, John proceeds to brush his teeth. He grips the toothbrush between both hands and uses his palm to turn the toothbrush on. Once the toothbrush is on, John moves his head down so the toothbrush is easily accessible to his mouth. Then he moves the toothbrush all around his mouth, gripping it between both hands. He then uses a cup to rinse his mouth. Again, John states it has taken him years to get this method down so practice makes perfect!

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