Quadriplegic Demonstrates Flossing

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Mason Ellis
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“It is really important to keep your teeth cleaned, whether you are paralyzed or not. But it is extremely hard to keep them clean if you cannot floss,” says Mason Ellis. Mason Ellis is a C5 quadriplegic and he shares how he flosses his teeth independently.

Mason with flossing device

Mason has found that the Listerine Ultra Clean Access Flosser is the easiest tool for him to use when flossing his teeth. The flosser mimics a toothbrush with a flossing mechanism on the end of it. The mechanism can be taken off to be replaced.

Mason states that to floss his teeth he holds the flosser like a toothbrush and uses his free hand to push against the device for force. If Mason wanted to floss his bottom teeth, he would simply turn the flosser over in his hand so that the device is facing his bottom teeth.

“Sometimes you might find it easier to bite down on the flosser itself to try and get it in hard places between your teeth.”

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