Quadriplegic Demonstrates Floor To Chair Transfer

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Joe Stone, a C6/C7 quadriplegic, demonstrates how he accomplishes a floor to wheelchair transfer.

To begin the transfer, Joe tries to align his knees up with the center of his footplate. He then gets into a high kneel position, pushing off the ground with one hand while the other hand is on his seat cushion. Joe puts his elbow in his wheelchair, basically using the chair to help him to where he is up on his knees.

Up on his knees, Joe holds on to the frame of his wheelchair with one hand and places the other hand at the back of his cushion. He stops to make sure the brakes of his wheelchair are locked. He then uses his arm muscles to push on the chair, lifting himself off the floor.

Joe turns his body while he pushes off his chair, getting his bottom to the corner of the wheelchair cushion. He then is able to get himself in a better position in his wheelchair.

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