Quadriplegic Demonstrates Accessibility Features of iPhone

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Drew Cumpson
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Whitney Bailey

Drew Cumpson, a vent-dependent quadriplegic, shares how he is able to use his iPhone with no hands.

Drew provides a guide on how to properly use Siri and the automated answer feature from an iPhone 5 SE.


“After getting my iPhone 5 SE, I was able to learn that their new function called “Hey Siri” is a great aspect for people living with disabilities who do not have hand function at all because you are able to set it up to respond to your voice,” he says.

A person can simply say “Hey Siri” and then whatever command after that. Drew states the “Hey Siri” function allows you to:

  • Make outgoing phone calls
  • Send and receive text messages (Siri will read your messages back to you)
  • Turn your music on and select an artist you would like to listen to
  • Put events and reminders into your schedule

Starting at 1:50 in the video, Drew provides an onscreen tutorial for setting up Siri on your phone.

Automated Answer

At 2:48 in the video, Drew starts talking about the automated answer feature for the iPhone. He states this feature has drastically enhanced his independence because he no longer has to get someone else to answer his phone for him when he receives a call.

Starting at 3:25 in the video, Drew provides an onscreen tutorial for setting up the automated answer feature on your phone.

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