Quadriplegic Cutting Vegetables

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Robyn wasn’t going to sacrifice her love of food and cooking just because she became paralyzed after a spinal cord injury. “I come from a family of foodies,” she shares. “All we do is talk about food, so it was natural for me to want to cook.” She and her husband, who is also a quadriplegic, like eating healthy and cook their own food.

Since she can’t move her fingers, she has to be creative. She has found some great uses of universal cuffs, appliances and adaptations that allow her to chop and cut vegetables that she uses in her cooking. It doesn’t always require extensive adaptive equipment, sometimes it’s just choosing the right product. From safely holding a knife to using non-stick padding to keep her cutting board from sliding around, Robyn has everything you need for a quadriplegic cutting vegetables and other foods.

Tips on cooking with limited finger mobility:

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