Quadriplegic Cuts Bread

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Chris Colwell
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Whitney Bailey

Chris Colwell has his own YouTube channel where he shares videos on how he accomplishes independent living tasks as a quadriplegic.

Chris demonstrates how he is able to cut a loaf of bread independently using adaptive tools.

Chris has counter he can roll under in his kitchen. He gets in place with the loaf of bread on a cutting board placed in front of him. He has two adaptive tools he uses to cut the bread - a knife, and a short reacher. Both tools were specifically made for quads. Instead of grabbing the tools, Chris is able to slide his arms into the tools securing his forearms with straps and placing his fingers around the metal piece that fits his hand.

Chris begins to cut the bread with the tools attached to his arms. He holds the bread steady with the short reacher in one hand while using the knife in other, moving his arm back and forth until the bread is cut.

Chris also demonstrates how he cuts bread by just using his adaptive knife. He places his hand on the bread to keep it in place.

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