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Cole and Charisma share their life as an interabled couple on their popular YouTube channel, Roll With Cole and Charisma. One of their very first videos was a demonstration of how the pair transfers Cole, who is a C5/6 quadriplegic, into a car. Cole and Charisma have since improved their technique of the transfer. They demonstrate the improved technique in the video below.

“It’s really cool to see how far we’ve come in terms of transfers and working together as a team.” 

The pair use a sliding board to transfer Cole. “The sliding board is very important because you want to bridge that gap between the chair and the car seat, and without the sliding board, there’s just going to be a hole. You can slide it under my butt, it covers onto the seat or covers the gap to seat and you can slide right over,” says Cole. 

They begin the transfer at around 3:40 in the video. Cole parks his wheelchair parallel to the car seat and Charisma stands behind his wheelchair. Charisma puts the sliding board under Cole’s hip. Cole assists her by shifting his weight by leaning to the side and holding onto the push handle of his wheelchair. With one side of the sliding board under him and the other on the car seat, Cole and Charisma start the process of moving Cole into the car seat. 

Cole explains the transfer by saying, “Now because I have no core, I’m just going to lean against the door pretty much with my forehead, and that will help me stay up. Then Charisma will use my waist straps to kind of guide my butt along the board as I push through my arms.” Once Cole is in the seat, Charisma positions his body so he is in a more comfortable position. To make sure Cole is all the way back in the seat Charisma states she will sometimes get in the back seat and pull under his arms. Cole can also lean forward and Charisma can grab his waist straps and use her knee to maneuver him back in the seat.

To transfer back in the wheelchair, Charisma puts the sliding board back under Cole’s butt while the other is on his wheelchair seat. Cole leans forward with his head against the dashboard while Charisma uses his waist straps to slide him across the board back into the chair. 

“So you’ll have moments where you may lose grip, something may slide, but you just wait a little bit, stay calm and adjust what you need to adjust.” 

Cole states, “Because this is the technique that works best for us that doesn’t mean it will be the best for someone else. If it works for you too, that’s great!”

Be sure to check out the end of Cole and Charisma’s video to see their new adapted van!

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