Quadriplegic Car Transfer

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Roll With Cole and Charisma
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Whitney Bailey

Cole and Charisma started a YouTube channel (Roll With Cole and Charisma) where they share videos about being in an “inter-abled” relationship. Cole is a quadriplegic who uses a wheelchair.

In the video below, Cole and Charisma demonstrate how Charisma assists Cole into her vehicle using a slide board.

First, Cole pulls up to the passenger side of the car. He positions his chair as close as he can to the vehicle and puts his breaks on. When Cole is positioned, Charisma enters the driver’s side of the car and crawls through the vehicle so she can stand in the small space between Cole’s wheelchair and the car. This is the easiest way she has found to be able to fit in the tight space.

To start the transfer into the car, Cole scoots his hips forward in his wheelchair. Charisma places Cole’s left leg into the floorboard. She then begins to position one end of the sliding board under Cole’s bottom. Cole reminds his viewers to place the textured part of the sliding board underneath you so you do not slip.

“This is not going to be pretty by the way, but in the quad world it’s not about being pretty, it’s about getting it done.”

With the sliding board underneath Cole, Charisma places one of her legs between Cole’s. She then guides Cole’s hips towards the seat of the car. Cole assists Charisma in the process by pushing through his arms lifting his body weight as Charisma guides him. The pair stop occasionally to readjust Cole’s legs.

When Cole is successfully scooted into in the seat of the car Charisma repositions his feet. She then goes around to the driver’s side of the car where she crawls in and helps Cole position his body better in the seat.

Cole and Charisma’s witty banter with one another prove that transferring is trial and error and gets better with practice!

How do you transfer into a car? Share your story with us at AbleThrive.com!

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