Quadriplegic Bakes Scones

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Baking is a great family activity, and during one of his Occupational Therapy sessions, Matty made scones with his daughter. Matty is a C4 quadriplegic with limited finger movement, and he worked in unison with his daughter, Ariella, to bake some scones.

First, Ariella holds the sieve for Matty to pour the flour into the mixing bowl. While Ariella sieves the flour, Matty’s occupational therapist holds a can of soda water down and Matty pulls the tab off. Next, he pours the soda water into the mixing bowl alongside his daughter, who pours cream into the mixture.

After adding all the ingredients, the next step is to mix. Matty’s occupational therapist holds the mixing bowl on his lap and Matty stirs the batter with a spoon. The occupational therapist notes that this is “the first time he held the spoon to stir.” His daughter chips in with the stirring as well. Then, Matty continues mixing the batter with his hand as his daughter adds in a pinch of baking soda.

The batter is then transferred onto a clean, wide surface for Matty to continue folding it, ensuring that the ingredients are well-mixed and evenly-distributed. To flatten the dough, he uses a rolling pin. Again, his daughter joins in on the fun. Once the dough is flattened, Matty takes a round cutter mold to cut through the dough.

After a quick bake, voila! Scones and tea for a perfect tea break.

Thinking of a activity that is both fun and therapeutic you can do as a group? Share this with someone to suggest baking some scones together! 

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