Putting On Socks & Shoes (Plus Tying!)

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Written by
Brittany Déjean

Putting on socks and shoes without finger mobility poses some interesting challenges, but Beth, a quadriplegic, has a great system to get the job done. No matter what shoes you want to wear, check out Beth’s step-by-step demos for putting on socks and shoes:

She gets her shoes on sitting in her wheelchair and uses her wrists to hook her leg and pull it up and rest one foot at a time over her other knee. Once her sock is on, she gets on a pair of sneakers. Once the sneaker is on, she puts her foot on her cushion to tie it. “It took me a long time to learn to tie my shoes again,” she says. “I figured out how to do it, even if it’s kinda slow.” She uses a lot of wrists and twisting to make it work. She does have a bit of thumb movement in one hand, which helps, but it’s still an involved process. “The hardest part is the bow,” she says.

“To be honest, I never wear gym shoes and socks,” she admits. “What I normally do is easier for me and more stylish.” She recommends sandals with straps around the ankle for summer, which she can just hook on. As for heels, she recommends slingbacks with a kitten heel. “The strap holds them in place a lot better,” she says. She wedges the heel behind the foot plate. During winter, it’s all about the boots. She uses tall boots that she can slide into that avoid her having to work with a zipper. “I don’t wear socks with the boots because it would make it more difficult to slide on,” she says.

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