Putting On Shorts, Socks And A T-Shirt Independently

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Mason Ellis

Mason is a C5-7 complete quadriplegic and has learned to dress himself independently. He demonstrates how to put on three different articles of clothing – a pair of shorts, a pair of socks, and a t-shirt.

He gets dressed on his bed, which is equipped with handrails on his right side. He also uses his powerchair parked on his left side for assistance. He hopes that this will be helpful to anyone who aims to dress independently:

Putting on Shorts (starting at 0:13)

Firstly, he grabs on to the rails with his right arm to support the left side of his body up. His left arm is then placed under his left thigh, and his right arm slowly scoots inwards to push his whole body into an upright sitting position. Sometimes, his left leg tends to bend a little more, and in the event of that, he pushes his left arm farther back towards his body for more leverage.

Before Mason reaches for his pair of basketball shorts, which are “by far the easiest to get on” for him, he bends his legs into a diamond formation. Then, he takes his right leg and places it over the left.

Grabbing his shorts, he puts his hands in each side of the shorts. He then bends over and slides the right side of the shorts into his right leg. With the friction from his wrist bands, which also assist him in other daily tasks, he is able to grip his shorts with them and push it up over his foot.

Next, he flips the left side of the shorts over to his right. He then brings his left leg over his right leg and repeats the process. Once the shorts are up to his knees, he lies back down to pull it up to his waist. The elasticity of the basketball shorts allows him to put both hands in it to pull it up.

His next step is to adjust the shorts. He rolls onto his right side by grabbing onto the rails. Then, he places his right hand into the front of the shorts, and his left hand into the back and adjusts it. To roll over to his left, he grabs on to his chair for support, and does the same for the other side. Lastly, he puts both hands into the pockets and adjusts until his shorts is perfectly lined up.

Putting on Socks (starting at 4:00)

The next piece of clothing Mason puts on is a pair of socks. Putting on his socks is the hardest part of his dressing routine.

His first step is to cross his legs in a diamond formation, and to put his right leg over his left, similar to what he did when he wore his shorts. Then, he puts both thumbs into the sock and use them to help roll the sock up.

Once the sock is bunched up, he bends over to put it into his foot. The wrist bands once again assist him in pulling the sock farther up his foot. Next, he places his thumb back into the sock to pull it over his heel. After pulling the sock with his wrist bands to do a few final adjustments, he is done.

Putting on a T-Shirt (starting at 7:35)

Mason saves the easiest for the last – wearing his shirt. He puts both hands through the shirt and the arm holes. By doing so, the shirt naturally rolls up to his shoulders, and he can then put his head through it. Next, he pulls the shirt down his back with his hands and voila! That’s how Mason dresses himself independently from head to toe.

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