Putting On Shorts In Bed

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Chris Colwell
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Brittany Déjean

Getting dressed has lots of elements, and since a lot of wheelchair users are sitting all the time, putting on shorts and pants can be extra challenging. Chris Colwell, a C5-6 quadriplegic, puts his shorts on while in bed, using a bar installed over his bed that helps him move around.

In his sped-up demo, he demonstrates how he uses the bar to not only steady his legs, but also to pull himself up when he needs to. His legs tend to spasm, but once they calm down, he’s able to to put one leg through a pant leg before shifting to put in the other leg. He pulls them up as far as he can before flattening his bed and leaning back. This way, he’s able to go from side to side to work the pants up the sides of his hips until they’re pulled up high enough.

(Bonus: Skip to 2:23 to see Chris put on the sling he uses with his lift system to get out of bed)

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