Putting on Nylon Socks

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Meg is a quadriplegic with no finger movement and limited hand and arm movement, and she demonstrates the tricky task of putting on nylon socks. Meg says she prefers socks over pantyhose because the socks are much easier to get on.

First, she pushes her right hand as far as she can get it into the sock. She hooks the fingers on her left hand around the sock opening to make this first step a little easier.

Next, with her right hand still inside the sock, she stretches the opening with her left hand, and puts her right foot into the sock. Then using her left hand that is still clutching the opening of the sock, she pulls the sock up her leg and over her knee.

If the sock isn’t cooperative at sliding up her leg with one pull, Meg inserts her hands in the sock and continues pulling.

Total time for Meg to accomplish this task is 3 minutes, 21 seconds. Watch how she does it in the video below.

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