Processing A High-Level Spinal Cord Injury

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Maurice is a C4 quadriplegic who was injured in 1997 at the age of 24. Maurice shares advice for moving forward with life after a high-level spinal cord injury.

“Live your life to the fullest. It’s not over with because you’ve got a disability.”

Maurice believes that people in a similar situation to his will eventually find something new in their life that will help make things better and give it meaning.

When Maurice first had his spinal cord injury, doctors, family, and friends all thought something was wrong with him because he kept his thoughts and emotions inside. It turns out that this is how Maurice was processing his life-changing injury.

When his friends asked him how he was able to deal with being entirely dependent on others for all his needs, Maurice simply answered:

“Man, I ain’t got no choice. I can sit around and be depressed, be on pills, making things worse than what it is, so hey – I just deal with it.”

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