Picking Things Up Off The Floor Without Finger Movement

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Brittany Déjean
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Written by
Brittany Déjean

What do you do after you drop something on the floor? Eric Ting, a quadriplegic in Singapore, demonstrates picking things up off the floor without abdominal control or finger movement.

The first object are his glasses. By anchoring his hand on the handle on the back of his chair, he is able to lean down and hook his fingers in one of the gaps of his glasses and pick it off the floor.

At 1:02, he demonstrates picking up his phone. “It will be a bit more challenging because it’s flat,” he advises. “Because it’s flat,” he explains, “I will need an anchor point.” He pushes his phone towards his wheel which allows him to get it off the ground.

At 1:50, he demonstrates picking up a coin pouch in two ways. The pouch  is completely flat, but has been modified for his own use with a ring. “Sometimes it will take a while,” he shares, “so patience pays.” He moves the wallet and the ring until he is able to hook his finger in the ring. If it’s flat and it doesn’t have a ring, he has a different approach, leaning forward and using both hands to get it off the ground.

“Don’t try this at home without supervision,” he advises. 

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