Perspective on Asking For Help As A Person With A Disability

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Danielle Marx, born with Spina Bifida, states she often gets asked what it is like to live life as a wheelchair user. Danielle created a YouTube channel called Daniellability, where she shares more about her life and tips and tricks for fellow wheelchair users. 

Danielle (wheelchair user)

“It’s really not difficult for me to talk about (my disability) because it’s something that I was born with and so I literally don’t know any other way of living life.”

“This is how my life has always been and always will be so to me it’s nothing different or unusual because it’s just me,” Danielle states as she opens up to her viewers about her disability. However, Danielle admits that there is an aspect related to living with a disability that she sometimes struggles with and that is asking for help. 

“There are times when I do need help and I have to brave enough to ask for that and willing to accept what people offer.”

One of the main reasons Danielle says she is afraid to ask for help is the stigma that is sometimes placed on people with disabilities by society. “I know that most people have the perception that people with disabilities need help a lot of the time and that we aren’t as capable as your average person,” says Danielle. For Danielle, asking for help is almost affirming the idea that society is correct. 

Danielle discusses different personality traits as the video goes along, giving her viewers a better understanding as to why she feels the way she does when it comes to asking for help. 

“Because the fact is we all need help at different times and that’s not exclusive to people with disabilities.”

Danielle’s last piece of advice is practice makes perfect and she wants to encourage other people who use wheelchairs who might be afraid to ask for help like herself to accept help when it is needed.

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