Paraplegic's Weight Loss Journey

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Jamie Goodwin, a paraplegic, used to make excuses as to why it was hard for her to stay active and healthy. She stated that she did not know how to do work-outs in her wheelchair and was not motivated. Her perspective on being fit was changed after watching an episode of The Biggest Loser featuring Bethany Hamilton. Jamie thought she had what it took to be a contestant on the show.

Jamie before and after picture
jamie before and after picture

Jamie auditioned for a spot on the show, but did not receive a callback. Jamie took to social media to try and get the attention of the producers of The Biggest Loser. She was prepared to show just how determined she was to better her life. The producers watched Jamie’s video and flew her out to Los Angeles, but ultimately made the decision not to cast her for the show.

"I was OK with (the decision) and tried to lose weight on my own. I failed. I couldn't do it. I went back to my old ways.”

Jamie was contacted by another reality show (Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition) but again was not cast on the show. After being rejected from two reality t.v. shows., Jamie says that she felt like she hit her lowest moment. She states that she needed accountability to lose the weight on her own so she took to social media once again.


Jamie's instagram post

Jamie shared her struggle on her Instagram account. Her post caught the attention of a local personal trainer who offered to help her in her weight loss journey free of charge. Jamie started a Facebook page called Wheelin’ Weightloss so that she could document her journey while being held accountable by her followers.

"To have over 4,000 accountability partners is just amazing to me. I'm just so grateful for these complete strangers who encourage me."

Jamie’s workout routines consist of her getting out of her chair and sitting on the floor. She then scoots her body across the room. Jamie also pushes her wheelchair up and down the streets of her neighborhood. Jamie’s hard work has caught the attention of another personal trainer at her husband’s gym. The trainer has showed Jamie how to incorporate battle ropes and other gym equipment into her workout routines.

Along with working out, Jamie has also changed what she eats. "I'm totally on the healthy side. I'm not ordering French fries or hamburgers. I go for lean proteins like fish or salads, which I love,” says Jamie.

"I'm taking (this process) slow. I want it to become a lifestyle, so if it takes me three years, so be it."

Jamie has competed in four 5k marathons this year. She says one bonus of weight loss she discovered is the ability to wear cute shoes!

Jamie’s advice to others on a weight loss journey is to just keep going!

"You're going to have those temptations and fall off the wagon—something will get in your way. But you have to work around those obstacles."

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