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Kristin Blevins

Kristin Blevins, a T9 paraplegic, decided to make a video to show her family how she transfers to a car and breaks down her wheelchair. There’s lots of steps involved, but Kristin’s demonstration shows how she has perfected both the transfer and the puzzle-like way of storing all her chair components.

She begins by opening the passenger door of the car and pulling her wheelchair up next to the seat. She sets the breaks and then using her arms, transfers herself into the passenger seat. She then grabs her cushion from her wheelchair and stows it in the back of the vehicle. Next she folds down the back of the chair and removes her backpack.

“I have to take the seatbelt and buckle me in. Because I don’t have trunk support … so I’ll fall out if I don’t.”

She then unlocks the brakes and removes the wheels of the chair, stowing them again in the back seat of the car.

With the wheelchair frame now folded, Kristin lifts the entire frame onto her lap,  then twists it expertly over her shoulder, securing it behind the vehicle’s passenger seat with the wheels and footplate directly behind her head. Clearly, a good amount of arm and upper body strength is necessary to make this transfer a success – and Kristin certainly has it.

Lastly, Kristin’s young daughter, Autumn, hops up onto her mom’s lap. “Then I can put Autumn in her carseat diagonally behind me,” shares Kristin, and the two ladies then wave goodbye to the camera.

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