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Tanelle Bolt, a paraplegic, shares videos on her YouTube channel (Pro Tips For Paras) of “clever solutions to the everyday hurdles that people in wheelchairs have to conquer.”

In the video below, Tanelle demonstrates how she is able to transfer in and out of an accessible shower with a small lip. 

Transferring In Shower

Before Tanelle begins her transfer she puts a towel over the lip of the shower to protect the lip from any marks that her wheelchair might leave. She puts a small Roho cushion in the bottom of the shower to sit on while she bathes. 

First, Tanelle scoots her body forward in her chair and gets her legs and feet in a comfortable position inside the shower. She then leans forward and touches the bottom of the shower with one hand while holding on to her wheelchair with the other hand. Tanelle is able to lower herself into the shower. She then straightens out her legs and uses her arms to scoot herself onto the Roho cushion. 

If you are worried about your ankles laying on a hard surface like the shower floor, Tanelle suggests placing a towel underneath your feet while showering. 

Tanelle is then able to shower using the shower hose while she sits on the floor of the shower. She uses a suction cup shower head holder so she is able to position the showerhead any direction she wants while showering. 

Transferring Out Of Shower

Tanelle has a rubber mat on the bottom of the shower so that her feet do not slip when getting out of the shower.

To transfer out of the shower, Tanelle puts a towel in front of her wheelchair on the lip of the shower. She then scoots her body onto the towel using her arms. Next, Tanelle bends her legs with her knees to her chest. She then places one hand on the shower ledge behind her while the other hand is on her wheelchair. Tanelle pushes through her arms, lifting her body up and into her wheelchair. 

Do you transfer a different way in and out of the shower? Share your story with us at!

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