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Tanelle Bolt, a paraplegic, shares videos on her YouTube channel (Pro Tips For Paras) demonstrating how she accomplishes independent living tasks. In the video below, Tanelle shares how she independently gets dressed while sitting in her wheelchair.

When Tanelle was first injured she had to transfer out of her chair to get dressed. With some practice, she gradually learned how to get dressed while sitting in her wheelchair. 


“Shirts are easy,” says Tanelle, “just lean back into your backrest.” Tanelle begins putting her shirt on by putting her arms in first. She then pulls the shirt over her head and pulls the material down. She leans into her backrest to give her more stability if she starts to lose balance.

If you start to lose your balance and fall Tanelle states, “you can hit the ground with  your hands before you go anywhere.” 


Tanelle refers to putting socks on as to putting socks on a small child. To put on socks, Tanelle picks up her leg and crosses it over the other leg to bring her foot up to where she can easily reach it. She then rolls her sock up with her hand before putting it on her foot. Tanelle advises to push on and stretch your toes to make sure they are not curled up. 

Tanelle likes to put her socks on before her pants.


Tanelle’s go to favorite clothing item since she was newly injured has been black stretchy pants. “They mask accidents, you can get them a little bit dirty just rub it in,” she says. 

Tanelle starts to put her pants on by lifting her leg and slipping her foot in. She then starts to pull her pants up using her hands. When she has both of her legs in the pants, Tanelle scoots her body forward in her chair and gathers her pants at her thighs. She sticks her hands inside her pants towards the back. She then places one hand on the tire with the other still in her pants, she leans on her tire pushing off while the other hand is able to pull her pants up over her hips. Tanelle repeats the process to pull up the other side of her pants. 

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