Paraplegic Floor to Chair Transfer

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Whitney Bailey
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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Joseph Visaggi created a Youtube channel called “WheelzofFortune” where he shares short videos of his life using a wheelchair.

Joseph demonstrates how he independently gets back into his wheelchair from being on the floor.

Joseph starts out by getting in a kneeling position, with his elbows in the seat of his chair. He then pulls on the backrest of his wheelchair while moving his knees onto his footrest. From that position, Joseph pushes down with his hand on his cushion, extending his arm, while lifting and turning his body at the same time until he is sitting in his wheelchair.

Joseph’s upper body is extremely strong and one can imagine the time it took for him to perfect this transfer to make it appear so flawless!

Do you have another way you complete a floor to chair transfer? Share your story with us at!

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