Paraplegic Farmer Finds New Role in Agriculture

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Dave was paralyzed when a hay bale fell from a stack and landed on him. As a working farmer, Dave resolved to continue farming after his accident.

“I was thinking of how I was going to do all the tasks to stay farming … I one-by-one figured out how I could do it.”

He even thought about wearing padded pants to sit on the ground and dig holes with a crowbar or shovel.

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Fueled by his determination, Dave bought and adapted equipment so he could continue farming. He resumed farming for two years, before switching gears and finding a new path to connect with agriculture.

Dave returned to college with a scholarship to Lincoln University, where his persistence paid off. After college, Dave worked as a farm consultant, before discovering his niche in agri-banking.  Dave truly enjoys his new role, “I'm on the road targeting new-to-bank sheep and beef customers which is right up my alley.”

paraplegic farmer

He acknowledges the philosophy that helped him preserve.

“I came up with the thought that when one door closes you don't stand outside that door and wait for it to open, you go and find another door that will open.”

Dave attributes his drive to a motivational quote, “Sir Tim Wallis had a saying that I really like, ‘Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do’.”

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