Paraplegic Explains Leg Spasms

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Content via Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
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Whitney Bailey

Spasms are common for people who have spinal cord injuries. Ahmet Cunmulaj, a T5 complete paraplegic, says his leg spasms draw attention to himself when out in public and people often ask about them.  He explains his leg spasms and demonstrates how he stops them from spasming.

Ahmet states he generally gets two types of spasms. He describes the first type as the straight out spasm where his legs stick straight out and just want to shake. He states this type of spasm occurs any time his legs get into an extended position.

Ahmet scoots to the edge of his wheelchair cushion and takes his feet off of his footrest to show how his legs spasm and how he stops the spasm from happening. Ahmet puts his hand under his knee and pulls his foot back onto the footrest. He says this movement ‘pretty much kills the spasm.’

Ahmet’s legs may also spasm when he puts his feet on his footrest. He refers to this spasm as ‘the bounce.’ Ahmet leans forward putting his forearms on his legs to apply pressure and stop the spasm from happening. This movement stretches your heel and tendon easing the spasm. If this spasm occurs again, Ahmet stops and applies pressure to his legs with his hands.

Ahmet adds a disclaimer to his video that every person’s spasms are different and the techniques he uses to stop his spasms are what works best for him.

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