Paraplegic Demonstrates Toilet Transfer

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Whitney Bailey
Content via Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
Ahmet Cunmulaj (Wheelz AC)
Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Ahmet Cunmulaj, a T5 paraplegic, shares videos on his YouTube channel (Wheelz AC) demonstrating how he accomplishes specific independent living tasks.

Ahmet states when he first got paralyzed he wondered how he was going to be able to balance while sitting on the toilet the traditional way since he does not have any core support. However while in rehab, Ahmet was shown a non-traditional way to complete a toilet transfer that works for him.

Ahmet transfers onto the toilet backward. He uses the back of the toilet as like a table to help balance himself.

To get onto the toilet, Ahmet positions his wheelchair facing the toilet. He positions his legs so that they are straddling the toilet. Ahmet’s legs spasm so that his knees come together. To relieve the spasm, Ahmet has to lean on one knee to stretch it out. He then scoots his body onto the toilet.

On the toilet, Ahmet adjusts his feet all the way against the wall. He then uses the back of the toilet for support. Ahmet can also lean back from the toilet and put his elbow in his wheelchair to reposition himself to do what he has to do while using the restroom.

To get back into his wheelchair from the toilet, first Ahmet moves his feet back from the wall. He then holds the toilet seat with one hand while his other hand is in his wheelchair cushion. Ahmet then uses his arms to maneuver himself backward into his wheelchair.

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