Paraplegic Demonstrates Floor Transfer

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Cortell is a T10/11 paraplegic, and in a few simple steps, he manages to transfer from his chair to the floor and back into his chair.

Chair to Floor

First, Cortell locks the brakes to ensure the wheelchair does not move while he is transferring. Next, he puts both feet on the ground and to the side of the wheelchair. The feet should be placed on the opposite side to where you want your body to be on the floor. Then, he grabs the handle with one hand, and places the other hand on the ground, balled up into a fist. The last step he takes is to lift his body up and carefully shift his weight towards the floor. "Easy as 1,2,3," says Cortell.

Floor to Chair

To get back up, Cortell first positions his feet close to the wheelchair. With his knees bent, he tucks his legs under his body, using his chin as a support. Then, he grabs the wheelchair handle furthest from him with one hand and places the other hand, fist up, on the ground. Finally, he pushes his body up, and there you have it!

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