Paraplegic Demonstrates Climbing Up/Down Stairs

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Steven Jacobo
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Steven Jacobo, a paraplegic, demonstrates how he independently goes up and down stairs. He states, “It really isn’t too hard at all. It does take a little bit of time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not a problem at all.”

Climbing Up Stairs

Steven advises climbing up and down the stairs barefoot or in socks because the rubber soles in shoes tend to get caught on the carpet.

Jump to 1:35 in the video to see Steven begin to go up the staircase. To go up the stairs, Steven grabs the railing with his right hand. He pushes off the stair with his left hand while pulling using his right hand to pull himself backward. He readjusts his legs after going up each step.

Climbing Down The Stairs

Jump to 2:55 in the video to watch Steven go down the stairs.

Steven states he finds it easier to straighten his legs out and slide down the stairs rather than going down one step at a time.

He holds onto the handrail with his right hand while pushing down on the stair with his left hand to lift his bottom up. Steven then keeps his legs as straight as possible and slides his body down the stairs.  

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