Paraplegic Car Transfer to SUV

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Kyia is a paraplegic who has mastered the art of transferring to the driver’s seat of her SUV. It’s something she’s had to practice over and over in order to be able to do as efficiently as she does.

I'm a T12-L1 complete. I wasn't taught this in rehab. Just basically taught myself. Takes practice!

First, she opens the driver-side door, then wheels up close to the seat. She lifts her legs into the vehicle, then transfers her body. She uses the driver-side door, the driver’s seat, and then the frame of the vehicle as anchors while she transfers and settles in.

Then she breaks down her wheelchair. She starts by taking off the cushion, followed by the wheels, then she quickly folds the frame and lifts the whole thing into her SUV.

No doubt this skill takes a combination of practice and upper body strength, especially to be able to do it in one minute like Kyia does!

Do you have a video of yourself transferring to your vehicle? Upload it to social media and include the hashtag #ThisIsHowI to show folks how you do it!

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