Opening Double Doors And Managing A Steep Ramp

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Brittany Déjean
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AbleThrive Original
Written by
Brittany Déjean

Kelvin, a paraplegic, has two methods of opening double doors.

The first method, is pulling the door towards him while he’s directly behind the door (like he’s opening the door for someone). Once the door opening is big enough, he uses one hand to push his wheel, while the other making sure the door doesn’t close on him. The second method is slightly different. He pushes the door with one hand, while the other on his wheel for him to wheel himself through the opening.

Once he’s through these doors, he’s greeted by a super steep ramp. As he’s wheels are about to touch the edge of the ramp, he leans back so that he’s able to only balance on his big wheels. As he’s going down the ramp, he keeps his hands at his wheels so that he’s ready to stop himself once he gets down from the ramp. It only takes a second to get down the ramp, but took lots of practice so that he doesn’t fall. It’s definitely harder than it looks, so be sure you have someone around to supervise, if you ever plan on giving it a try too.

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