Opening a Bottle of Wine

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Beth, a C6/C7 quadriplegic, demonstrates how she uses a manual or waiter's corkscrew to open a bottle of wine.

quadriplegic opens a bottle of wine with a manual corkscrew

First, she removes the plastic/paper coating from the top of the wine bottle by using her teeth. Once she has an opening in the coating, she uses her thumb - and sometimes her teeth - to pry the rest of it off. 

Now it's time to remove the cork. Beth holds the corkscrew with her right hand.

"I don't have any really finger dexterity in this hand, but I do have the tenodesis grip, so I put my wrist up and just kind of put the corkscrew part in the middle of my fingers."

Beth then inserts the corkscrew into the cork and pushes down firmly. Once it's in, she repositions her grip as necessary, and twists the corkscrew down into the cork.

To pull the corkscrew out, Beth secures the smaller of the two bars of the corkscrew with one hand, and pulls up on the other with her teeth. She does this several times until the cork is free.

Now all that's left to do is pour the wine and enjoy!

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