Opening a Bottle With a Twist Cap

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Meg Johnson
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Kristen Sachs

Meg is a C6/7 quadriplegic with no finger function, and has figured out ways to adapt to things like opening bottles.

"I use my mouth to open lots and lots of things, but there's some things that I just don't want to open with my mouth like cleaner!"

So how do you open a twist-off cap when you have no finger function? Meg shows us how.

First she puts the base of the container between her legs to create a stable foundation.

Then with the palms of her hands facing upward, she uses the sides of both hands to twist off the cap.

Easy peasy!

Thanks, Meg, for this great tip! How do you accomplish everyday chores like opening bottles with limited mobility! Share a video with us for a chance to be featured here on AbleThrive!

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