A Nu You: Maximizing Life with a Disability

Curated by
Whitney Bailey
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Curated by
Whitney Bailey

Scott Chesney has been a manual wheelchair user for the past 32 years. He was paralyzed at the T7 level as a result of a stroke when he was fifteen years old.  Over the last 20 years, Scott has become a well-known motivational speaker and life coach.

Scott has recently started a blog with Numotion called A Nu You: Maximizing Life with a Disability. He describes his blog stating, “Whether you were born with your disability or acquired it at some point in your life, this is for YOU. Whether you’re male or female, have had your disability six months or 60 years, are young or old, fully independent or totally dependent, this blog is for YOU.”


“My aim is to jumpstart your life personally and/or professionally. Everyone deserves to be happy and live life to the fullest.”

If you are new to disability Scott’s blog will give you a lot of new information to integrate into your life. Others may view the blog and be reminded of what they are “capable of creating in living your life to the fullest with a disability.”

A Nu You: Maximizing Life with a Disability explores topics including:

  • Making positive change while leveraging fear
  • Making peace with the past
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Socializing
  • Travel
  • Employment
  • Going back to school
  • Relationships/dating
  • Sexuality
  • Sports and recreation  
  • Parenting

While Scott’s blog may be considered ‘inspirational’ and ‘motivational’ he says it’s all about how you turn those feelings into action.

“But I also know motivation and inspiration can be fleeting. Where you will see the best results in reading each blog is to put what I am sharing INTO ACTION. It’s been said, “nothing happens until something moves.” To me that means ACTION,” says Scott.

Be sure to check out the full Nu You Series!

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