My Relationship With My Body Post Injury

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Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation
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Kristen Sachs

Dr. Dan is a psychologist and family therapist who has lived with a spinal cord injury for many years. He discusses how his relationship with his body has changed over time.

“Many year ago after my accident, I told someone that I had to treat my body like a fickle lover, and it treated me like a terrorist.”

Dr. Dan says he never knew what to expect day-to-day from his newly injured body. Symptoms would appear that would keep him in bed, or worse, send him to the hospital. He admits that he often resented his body. “Didn’t like it,” he shares. “Felt burdened.”

After years of living with this resentment, a bout with pneumonia changed the way Dr. Dan saw his body.

“I learned a good deal about my body. And I realized how hard that body works – and has been working since my accident – just to keep me alive.”

“It’s not doing anything to me. This disability is doing things to it.” After his injury, Dr. Dan’s body had less resources to work with. And yet it powered on.

Now Dr. Dan’s outlook on his body has changed. He shares that he’s now “grateful” for his body and works toward taking care of it the best he can, through diet, proper medication, and medical treatment.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective to appreciate what we already have in life.

How has your relationship with your body changed since you were injured or diagnosed? Share your perspective with us for a chance to be featured here on AbleThrive!

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