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Tatiana A. Lee is the first model who uses a wheelchair to be featured by the clothing brand Torrid. The pictures evoked a positive response especially from other women with disabilities.

Picture of Tatianna smiling, she is sitting in her wheelchair, holding shopping bags.

The pictures received comments like “So much more love or my favorite store as I am a wheelchair user as well.” Another person says, “Thank you for dressing and representing a variety of women.”

Tatiana’s pictures opened up a dialogue for what it means for a person with a disability to be seen as influential vs.inspirational. Tatiana wears a Cur8able Exclusive shirt designed by Stephanie Thomas that actually says “Inspirational? Influential.”

“We (people with disabilities) are not here for your inspiration.”

“Stephanie’s thought that this shirt was a great conversation piece and I agree, a lot of times able-body people tell others with disabilities ” Oh your so inspirational” but we are not here for your inspiration. I usually say to them, “what did I do to inspire you” if I’m living my normal life why is that so inspiring? Now to be influential takes more effort. Effort that a lot of times society doesn’t expect people with disabilities to make,” says Tatiana.

Stephanie commented on the difference between inspiration vs. influential by sharing a quote from

“Inspiration vs. Influence

Inspiration sparks an emotional quickening. It uplifts, infuses us with hope, generates new ideas and gives us the sense of possibility and faith.

Influence exerts a specific, directive force to provoke change on a sometimes daily or consistent basis. Influence makes things happen.

Inspiration is emotional and passive. Influence is active and intentional.”

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