Mobility of a C5-6 Quadriplegic

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Shawn Fluke, a C5-6 quadriplegic, takes off his shirt to demonstrate the muscles he’s retained function in since he broke his neck.

He starts off with his shoulders. “I have pretty strong shoulders, I work them out a lot,” he shares. He has a bit more muscle strength on his left shoulder than his right, but neither shoulder has full muscle control. He doesn’t have peck or abdominal muscles either. “I’m able to lean back and do stuff like this because of all the bucket I have in my chair and also having a softer backrest,” he explains. He has no tricep function, but he does have ripped biceps. As for his hands, he has no finger movement or ability to flex his wrist upwards when his palm is facing up, but he has the ability to extend his wrists when his palm is facing down. His left wrist is stronger, which he uses for tenodesis to pick up small objects without moving his fingers. He gives a full 360 degree view of his upper body to see which muscles he’s retained and lost.

“I hope you are able to see that I’m not really high functioning, I’ve just worked really hard to get the muscles that I do have working functioning at their highest level."

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